Culver's - Michigan Street, South Bend Indiana

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Culver's is a beautiful design all around the property. Larry & Mary Fisher own the Culver's on Michigan Street and wanted the best landscaping for all of their customers. Check out the 5,500 pound hand carved stone bear that is placed on top the waterfall, then try out their food; it is as perfect as the service they provide.


Stonebridge Subdivision - Elkhart, Indiana

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Most of our waterfalls are constructed in someone's backyard for personal enjoyment; but the project at the Stonebridge subdivision on Bristol Street in Elkhart Indiana was constructed to be open for everyone's enjohyment. The developers of the subdivision envisioned an area with lots of waterfalls and a walkway over the pond for the neighborhood to gather and enjoy collectively..


Boulderman Headquarters - Osceola, Indiana

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Boulerman Landscaping is open by appointment throughout the week, and Satruday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Someone is always there to help with rock sales and custom engraving. For landscaping design and an estimate, feel free to contact Scott Barnard at 574-993-7625..



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We have made hundreds of people happy with our hand laid natural stone seawalls. Our cost is very reasonable and backed by warranty.